Our Services

Whether you partner with us for an extended period or take advantage of our a la cart services, we create the elements that help you reach your film’s audience.

Strategic Development

We research the viability of films in the marketplace, provide fundraising and grant writing support, as well as identify potential funding sources and foster key relationships.

Branding & Positioning

Using design, copywriting, social media and partnerships, we shape brands that perfectly reflect a film’s content and that audiences trust and interact with.

Audience Engagement

We produce and implement strategies that build community and cultivate relationships online and off. Tracking metrics tells us what’s working and when it’s time to reroute.

Festivals & Screenings

We budget, plan and implement  film festival strategies that save money and maximize potential.  For grassroots campaigns we locate ideal screening partners that will deliver captive viewers.

Largesse asks the right questions to get your project on track, performs quantifiable research, and moves forward with evidence based funding, partnership, screening and outreach strategies. We are available for long term all inclusive contracts, specific service contracts, consultations and everything in between. Get in touch to request a rate sheet.
  • Development strategy, research and outreach
  • Crowdfunding consulting
  • Grant research
  • Grant writing
  • Festival strategy and implementation
  • Grassroots campaign research and outreach
  • Email blasts and mailing list management
  • Copywriting (web copy and press notes)
  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Web production

Largesse Media customizes plans based on what is practical considering each filmmaker’s resources and goals. In building our plan, we collaborate in three different ways:

Full Strategizing & Planning

Largesse Media creates a strategy and implements it according to schedule, allowing filmmakers to concentrate on making films.

Weekly Check-ins

For clients who want to do the marketing and outreach themselves, but need guidance and motivation to meet goals.


Need guidance on a particular topic? Largesse will provide guidance, tools and resources customized to your project.