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What the Oscars 2014 nominated shorts say about the U.S.

Last week I enjoyed the live action Oscars 2014 nominated shorts program at The IFC Center. There was a British film, a French film, a Spanish film, a Danish Film and a Finnish film. At first I wondered if I had bought a ticket to the foreign language shorts program. But no, there is no foreign language shorts program.

Apparently there were no American short films that were good enough read more…

“Facebook Fraud” as it Applies to Independent Film

The first time I used Facebook Ads, I was very gratified by the numbers it brought in, but it was also clear that something was amiss. When I looked at followers’ profiles, they didn’t make much sense. Just like Veritasium‘s video reports, these “individuals” also liked a bunch of very random pages, none of which suggested that a real person was behind the profile.

Watch this video to learn why you shouldn’t waste your time and money setting up ads.

read more…

A Grant does SO MUCH MORE than Financing Your Film

Often times, there is a very noticeable trend with successful documentary films: they all get the same big grants. A combination of ITVS, Just Films, MacArthur Foundation, Cinereach, Fledgling, Chicken and Egg, and others. Not only are these films funded, but they are seen – at top tier film festivals, on television and sometimes in theaters. How does this happen? read more…

Desconstructing the Reality of the Sundance Film Festival

This statistic will either frustrate or relieve you: you have a 2% chance of getting your film into the career-changing Sundance Film Festival. They select 200 of the 9000 entries they receive. If  you are basing your goals around getting into Sundance, you better strategize to make that happen, or you better change the way you think about success. read more…

Why Largesse?

Largesse means “generosity of spirit or attitude.” In addition to offering knowledge and know how, we offer our passion for your project. We do everything we can to help your film succeed.

A few years ago read more…

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