From conception through distribution, great marketing directly influences the trajectory of any independent film.

At Largesse Media, we use what we’ve learned over the years to empower independent films. We develop marketing strategies that build awareness and create supportive audiences. We identify key partners and engage audiences early, so that they’re eager to be a part of a film’s success. Our grassroots campaigns and festival strategies generate buzz, boost viewership and attract distributors.

It’s never too early to start marketing your film. Welcome to Largesse.

Strategic Development

We research the viability of films in the marketplace, provide fundraising and grant writing support, as well as identify potential funding sources and foster key relationships.

Branding & Positioning

Using design, copywriting, social media and partnerships, we shape brands that perfectly reflect a film’s content and that audiences trust and interact with.

Audience Engagement

We produce and implement strategies that build community and cultivate relationships online and off. Tracking metrics tells us what’s working and when it’s time to reroute.

Festivals & Screenings

We budget, plan and implement  film festival strategies that save money and maximize potential.  For grassroots campaigns we locate ideal screening partners that will deliver captive viewers.

Featured Projects

Saturn Saved Me

A feature length personal documentary exploring astrology and divination in the exotic atmosphere of India. Directed by Sharon Smith.

Mariachi High

This made for tv documentary presents a year in the life of the champion mariachi ensemble at Zapata High School in South Texas, as they compete and perform with musical virtuosity, and fight to keep the music program alive.

America 1979

A short narrative film about a nine year old girl who experiences discrimination at school, America 1979 explores how the affects of the Iran Hostage Crisis trickled down through Iranian American families in the United States.

Largesse Media’s finely crafted a distribution plan was highly successful in reaching our audience and her ability to think outside of the box permitted the film to reach people we had not thought would be our viewers.

Victoria Mills, VSM Productions

Largesse Media’s strategic and creative expertise helped us successfully achieve our goals with the June 2012 broadcast premiere and subsequent release of the PBS documentary “Mariachi High.”

Kelly Sheehan, RainLake Prod.

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